Exclusive Services

Services offered by us are really rare and hard to find. The reason behind this is that our main team are business people which were or still are active CEO’s in finance industries running own online banks, forex companies, offshore companies etc. Now we have decided to share our knowledge to the world and give the advice and services directly from the source.


    Over last 3 years online business is booming and everyone wants to be a part of it. BUT...its a dangerous place even if you have the greatest idea in your mind. Out there is a wild jungle where you need assistance from professionals who will lead you to the right choices and to the right decisions.

  • Marketing

    We are specialized and have extreme precision how to do marketing the correct way because we have burned our hands many times over last 12 years by testing and trying all possible alternatives and ways to find the best of the best solutions which do work. Now we know and we are sharing our best experience and knowledge for you to succeed by saving your money and time.

  • Company setup

    Enter the global markets and expand your business with offshore and onshore company setup. Our experts will set up your company for all business types by protecting you from unwanted situations and protect your finances at any given time by choosing right banks, right company regions and regional partnership.

  • Payment solutions

    Online Payment processing. Business Bank accounts and banking solutions. Accepted all type of business, including high risk business types as forex, crypto, gambling, pharma etc. Full coverage Worldwide to accept payments, including instant processing in South East Asia with fully automated payment solutions. Daily payouts without rolling reserve for merchant.

  • Web Development

    Our IT team and designers are with us for nearly a decade and we protect them with fire because they are one of the best out there. Our work is done super fast with highest quality and security available. To find and have such IT team with us makes us proud to deliver each product created.

  • Project Management

    If you have a great idea but have no idea how to realize it then we can take over your project basics and put it on its own feet and handle it over to you fully functional. Or we can step in part time to find your issues and fix them in a quite short time.


    For clients new to business or struggling with existing business our company leaders are here to share their success knowledge and suggestions with you.

Let’s Work Together

At Chalence you are working with true leaders and business enthusiasts ready to take any challenges. Its part of our fun to prove that impossible is always possible by some way!

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